Harlene Anderson

Harlene Anderson

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High on most manager's list of business challenges-according to recent studies--are:

  • the recruitment and retention of talented employees,
  • the relationship problems that result when different organizational cultures merge through acquisitions,
  • difficult employees,
  • the inherent conflict in culturally diverse work environments,
  • information overload,
  • management through electronic communication,
  • and defining a satisfying balance between work and personal life.

Managers, with excellent business and technical expertise, are often overwhelmed by these issues because they lack the time or skills to solve them effectively. Unfortunately, these can result in poor performance and lower job satisfaction for both management and employees, and that means profitability and customer satisfaction suffer.

Harlene Anderson takes her extensive background in training and consultation to help business leaders throughout the U.S. and internationally resolve these problems by focusing on three fundamental competencies:

  • effective communication skills,
  • successful interpersonal relationship styles, and
  • the knowledge and resources of others in their organization.

Her services also help leaders:

  • recruit and retain talented individuals;
  • reduce conflict and promote collaboration among individuals and across
  • improve individual and organizational performance;
  • preserve customer satisfaction and loyalty; and
  • achieve a satisfying balance between work and life.

Harlene Anderson holds a doctorate in psychology and is a co-founder of the Houston Galveston Institute, a psychotherapy training and consultation organization that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. She is also a co-founder of Access Success International and the Taos Institute, on the faculty of Our Lady of the Lake University-Houston, and a board member of the Family Business Institute and Texas Medical Assistance and Development. Harlene's book, Conversation, Language and Possibilities describes how she conceptualizes complex problems and how she successfully approaches solutions from a collaborative stance.

Effective Leadership and Problem Solving through Collaboration
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  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Building & Strategic Planning

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