Growing your business can be challenging. You don’t have to go it alone.

Do you struggle with …

  • Personal purpose?
  • Fighting fires?
  • Business planning?
  • New sales leads?
  • Low margins?
  • Managing costs?
  • Recruitment and hiring?
  • Cash flow?
  • Capital resources?
  • Leadership development?
  • Exit planning?

What if you could find…

  • Forums to exchange ideas with fellow business leaders.
  • Support and tools to run your business.
  • A personal advisor.

Entrepreneurship Is Thriving

There are over 7.2 million small businesses in America. Right here in Houston, there are over 17,000 LinkedIn profiles who claim to be business owners. Yet SCORE research tells us that 9 out of 10 businesses will close within 10 years. Why is that?
78% lack a solid plan
73% optimistic about sales
77% not pricing properly
70% dont seek help
Why not join a peer-to-peer advisory group to help you with your business? Or if you need an experienced business advisor to help you with your business, give us a call. Or check out the articles we share here.

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Why Silver Fox Advisors?

Our advisors have wisdom and experience to help you navigate business challenges plus the expertise to help you achieve growth potential.