Engage With an Advisory Board

Advisory Boards

Business leaders can find expertise from our Advisory Boards to assist with today’s business challenges. Advisory boards consist of accomplished experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives. Boards provide strategic direction, guide quality improvement, and assess program effectiveness.

Why An Advisory Board?

  • Can be engaged on a one-time basis or receive ongoing support.
  • Create better understanding of business, market, and industry trends.
  • Receive counsel on issues raised by leaders of the business.
  • Receive unbiased insights and ideas from third-party point-of-view.
  • Find support in the exploration of new business ideas and concepts.
  • Receive continuous monitoring of business performance. 

Formal Advisory Board

  • Ongoing support from panel of experts.
  • Panel meets periodically with the business owner and/or company’s Leadership team.
  • Panel assists in the development and execution of the business plan.
  • Includes regular review of success.

Fox Den

  • One-time forum with panel of experts.
  • Business owner or CEO goes “one on one” with panel.
  • Includes deep exploration of strategic issues to find alternatives for success.  
  • Guided process with assigned Advisor to help with preparation, presentation, and post-forum execution.