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Read the latest Houston business news from Silver Fox Advisors. We provide perspective and information to help small business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs in Houston make informed business decisions.

Reflections on Servant Leadership

What is Missing? Robert Greenleaf’s ideas on Servant Leadership have gained quite a group of dedicated followers since the publication of his essay in 1970. He articulated, “It begins with

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The Performance Side of Leadership

Most small business owners/CEOs have a desire to grow and become successful notwithstanding the challenges. In my recent blog of October 8, 2020 talking about the 4 Stages of Growth

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The People Side of Leadership

In a previous blog on September 15, 2020, we looked at my 3 P Leadership Framework: People, Planning, and Performance. This blog goes more in-depth on the People side. I

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New Member Welcomed – Dan Prosser

November 12, 2020 by Lynn Rosado HOUSTON, TX (Nov. 12, 2020) – Today the Silver Fox Advisors announced its newest Silver Fox Advisor. “Dan Prosser was elected a Silver Fox

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The 4 “Inner” Ps of Leadership

From a leadership perspective, these 3 Ps are what I would call “outer” things: the actions, interactions, and results from the leader dealing with his/her “outer” world.

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