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Read the latest Houston business news from Silver Fox Advisors. We provide perspective and information to help small business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs in Houston make informed business decisions.

Electrical manufacturing

Organization & Marketing

COMPANY The Company is a five million dollar Houston-based manufacturer of toroidal transformers for specialized electrical equipment applications. Their markets are medical, telecommunications, audio-video, computer and lighting industries (300 customers). The higher price

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Business Start-Up & Organization

Advice from an experienced Silver Fox Advisor concerning what not to do is as valuable as guidance and suggestions on what should be done!! COMPANY START-UP Four people who knew each

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Manufacturing & Costs

COMPANY A well-known Company in enamel-on-steel cookware was the first to bring color, tempered glass lids, stay cool stainless steel handles and high quality non-stick em1 to the market. Their customers include

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Commercial Interiors

Commercial Interior Build-Out Business

COMPANY A Silver Fox Advisor had been mentoring for about a year. The new Client was in the commercial interior build-out business.  PROBLEM ENCOUNTERED For three years, the Company: Had been

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Nooshin Yazhari

New Member – Nooshin Yazhari

HOUSTON, TX (August 9, 2018) – Today the Silver Fox Advisors announced its newest Silver Fox Advisor. Nooshin Yazhari was elected a Silver Fox Advisor at the organization’s August 9,

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Restaurant management

Restaurant Management

COMPANY A Silver Fox Advisor Client has been the Owner of several restaurants in the Houston area for the last 25 years. The return on investment, pre-tax net, has been approximately

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Importing Business

COMPANY The Silver Fox Advisor Client is the Owner of an importing business which is supplying brass, aluminum and garden products that are made in Turkey, Germany, the Philippines and other countries

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A Tale of Two Companies

Company 1 The main line of business is the repair and service of large centrifuges for use in the maritime and oil industries. This Company is owned by two individuals

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Financial Restructuring

Financial Restructuring

COMPANY Two partners (“Owners”) of a small Houston Company, with $2.0 Million of annual sales and well respected in their trade, found themselves with a severe Internal Revenue Service Problem.  PROBLEM ENCOUNTERED Company

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Profit Mentoring

COMPANY A producer of computer-generated, color-coded labeling systems for magnetic media and file folders (that are used worldwide) wanted to improve the Company’s overall operations and financial performance. The Company in 1974

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