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Read the latest Houston business news from Silver Fox Advisors. We provide perspective and information to help small business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs in Houston make informed business decisions.

cash is king

In Business, Cash Is King

How often does a business owner attempt to buy inventory and realize that his bank account does not possess the necessary balance? Or pay his employees and understand that he

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resources Silver Fox Advisors

What Is Your Personal Purpose?

For business owners, when you started up your company you most likely thought through why you were in business and what you wanted from it.  That is, what is the

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6 Steps to Build Better Teams

Do you think your work team is just average? Have you ever thought about ways to make it better? What if you had a highly effective and productive team? Being

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4 stages of growth

Introducing the 4 Stage Growth Model

Small Businesses:  Understanding your pathway forward When I taught corporate strategy at the University of Houston, publishers would send me Strategic Management books by their authors hoping they would be

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Entrepreneurs-Agents of Renewal

Small business has a significant role in the economy. Owners and entrepreneurs create jobs, provide goods and services, and serve special niches that help round out our economic vitality. The health and well-being of small businesses is a critical element of our culture.

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Lunch & Learn on October 22

The Silver Fox Advisors monthly program Lunch & Learn will feature Dr. Peter Pisters, President of MD Anderson. This month’s event is the last of the 2020 series.​ If you

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Alligators in the Swamp

Too often in business today I see company owners struggling for years with some of the same underlying issues because they never really address the issues that are causing their problems to recur.

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COVID Fatigue is Real!

The United States is in a high state of uncertainty where the future is concerned. We’re a nation that wants our news, meals, and money right now. Once a big event happens, we are all consumed with Twitter, Facebook, and news outlets for a few days or even weeks. And then we move on.

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leading people

The 3 P’s of Leadership

In a previous blog, I mentioned the 3 P’s of leadership. You often hear about the triple bottom line for companies or the 3 Ps of People, Planet (as in

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