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Understanding the Energy Quagmire

Every time there is a severe weather event like Hurricane Ida, it is blamed on global warming labeled climate change.  One would think we never had bad weather in the past. Actually, Hurricane Camille in 1969 had the highest wind speed at landfall at an estimated 190 mph when it hit the Mississippi coast. Don’t

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Houston BBB Presents Awards of Excellence

On Tuesday, October 12, the Houston Better Business Bureau hosted its awards gala, honoring recipients of the 2021 Awards of Excellence. Annually the BBB sponsors the contest to highlight the great work being done by the small business community in the Greater Houston area. Judging for this contest is done by members of Silver Fox

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The Keys to Becoming a Great Leader

Now everybody knows something about leadership.  But when I taught strategic leadership courses to MBA students at the University of Houston, in the beginning my first question to the students was “who wanted to be a leader and a great one at that?” There was always this look of bewilderment on their faces not knowing

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Building Trust at Work – Improving Team Results

Trust is a critical element in our everyday lives. The relationships we enter are centered on trust. Whether we are going to work, shopping online, or meeting a stranger, trust becomes the yardstick for how far that relationship may go. For those of you in a significant relationship with a life partner, trust means everything

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Character: A Learned Behavior

Ignore your character at your own leadership peril. Over multiple decades, research studies on character and its derivate corollaries such as authentic leadership, emotional IQ, ethics and so forth find character to be core to leadership success. Many find it to be the most important leadership ingredient.   Some authors have coined the term Character

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CEO Education Workshop – Starting Soon

You still have time to register for our next workshop in the CEO Education Series. On Wednesday, May 19, this week, we are hosting a panel for “Increasing Profits/Understanding Costs.” Silver Fox Advisors Herb Kalman and David Neuberger will be the guest speakers. This is offered as a service to the business community. There is

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