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Several Silver Fox Advisors have written books sharing their business experiences and expertise. These books contain information that you may find helpful to you and your business. We encourage you to click on the icon below to review the listing of these offerings.

Houston Legends

History and Heritage of Dynamic Global Capital

By Hank Moore

Why? This is the first Houston history book to be written from the business perspective, where the stories behind the successes are told. “Houston Legends” contains extrapolations into business culture innovators. Each chapter features historical perspectives in several key industries in the area’s dynamic growth. Each topic is reviewed on the economic impact, the business contributions and the people involved and creative activities will be chronicled. Recurring themes include entrepreneurial spirit, business survival, strategies, growth and vision. The names, dates and events are intertwined with anecdotes, applicable to modern business. Common themes include giving back generously to the community, stages in the evolution of a business, creativity and mentoring the next generation of leaders. This is a methodical way of reviewing Houston history in terms of the pioneers and their legacies for free enterprise. Link to order online:

The Business Tree

Planting and Nurturing Growth Strategies for Your Company.

Big Picture View of Business, Strategic Planning, Change and Growth.

By Hank Moore

This book focuses on The Business Tree™, an original business model and a fresh look at change and growth, utilizing full-scope planning as a means of navigating through uncertain waters toward richer success.  It is based upon the author’s trademarked approach to growing and strengthening businesses, tested by his actual work in guiding corporations over three decades.  The author shows how to master change and ready companies to face the future. 20th Century visionary Peter Drucker has called The Business Tree “the most original business model of the past 40 years.  It is the full panorama of business, where other books only look at the pieces of the puzzle where they are selling consulting services.” This original business concept, its author and his hundreds of case studies (all supervised by him) promise a Big Picture look at business. It is illustrated with case studies from the author’s own files, clients whom he advised and guided towards new strategies and successful goals. The Business Tree is the only book that encompasses a full-scope business perspective, whereas the other books are micro-niche focused. This book contains original case studies in which the author was directly involved, not a rehash of others that have appeared elsewhere.  This is the only book to offer an original business model, one that has been utilized in the author’s track record of success over the last 20 years.  These qualities make it invaluable for the corporate and small business markets. Links to order online:

The High Cost of Doing Nothing

How to avoid troubles and assure success.

Painting the Big Picture of Business Knowledge.

By Hank Moore

Why do good companies go bad? Why do they start with so much energy and promise but end up mired in bureaucracy and plodding toward mediocrity and failure? Answers to those questions can be found in The High Cost of Doing Nothing by Hank Moore. The book examines business dynamics from a “big picture” perspective, analyzes why companies fail to live up to their potential, and guides business leaders in how to surmount the obstacles to success. The book examines the top 100 mistakes that companies make and the 100 biggest excuses they use to rationalize and cover up company problems. It demonstrates how companies over-represent themselves and their products to make sales, then get caught up in their own word games. It also explores why companies fail at customer service. The High Cost of Doing Nothing also offers positive guidance toward corporate success. It describes how to make collaboration, partnering, and joint venturing work effectively, how to implement successful training, and how to choose the right consultants. It also offers step-by-step guidance to creative problem solving and corporate planning approaches. Link to order online:

Energy Choices: A Guide to Facts and Perspectives

Authors include Silver Fox Advisors Keith Thayer and Phil Grossweiler

Energy Choices is intended to give the reader some information to better understand the complexities of the energy world and its ongoing evolution. It provides a context for our total energy future as we know it today. 

Energy Choices: A Guide to Facts and Perspectives is the result of the efforts of numerous members and associates of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, who have unique professional and technical backgrounds that are directly relevant to this undertaking.  Their inputs are intended to provide an overview of energy issues at a relatively non-technical level.

It is directed at the general public and other stakeholders who want more knowledge of energy sources, energy conversion, and energy end use and their challenges and limitations.  While we hope this book serves as an information tool that should be utilized for educational purposes, it is also the sincere hope of the contributors to this document that it will be used to create informed opinions and perspectives on energy choices.

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Terra Incognita: A Navigation Aid for Energy Leaders

By Lane Sloan and Christopher E.H. Ross

Terra Incognita addresses the forthcoming transition in energy supplies and shift from conventional oil as the strategic energy source.  It identifies the leadership challenges ahead and summarizes the lessons learned from interviews with more than 20 energy company CEOs and senior leaders. The structure of the book follows the planning cycle of strategic assessment (Chapters 1-4), strategy development (Chapters 5-7), and strategy implementation (Chapters 8-10) through a leadership perspective focused directly on the energy industry. This is the first book ever written specifically for current and future leaders in the energy industry that presents in one volume: *  The understanding that recent trends are not sustainable, and that enduring energy companies will have to change to respond to new technological and social demands and opportunities *  Insights from recent corporate success stories that have demonstrated sustainable and profitable growth since 2001 *  Interviews with CEOs of large energy companies on setting direction, executing strategies and leading their enterprises *  A profile of the energy leader of the future Link to order online:

Develop A Leadership Plan: Become A Great Leader

By Lane Sloan Great leaders produce great results. Achieving these results is substantially facilitated by having a leadership plan that leverages your core competencies and applies directly to taking action on the job. This action targets fulfilling value propositions for your various stakeholders including the customer, employees, boss, and cohorts. Great results come from synergizing the strength of your working team, energizing their engagement, and continuously learning from and coaching one another. Available at Amazon Reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars This is a must-read for blossoming leaders and seasoned By Dan on December 11, 2013 This a crisp and insightful book that guides the reader through practical steps to drawing their personal leadership plan. Lane adeptly draws upon a combination of his experiences as a corporate leader, educator and mentor along with popular leadership theories to craft a fast-paced, practical step-by-step plan for a custom fit leadership plan for every reader. If you’re an avid reader of leadership books on the market, this book helps put the best theories in a useful perspective. If you are just starting, this book will provide a well-informed perspective on a universe of popular leadership theories. This is a must-read for blossoming leaders and seasoned. 5.0 out of 5 stars Step into your own private leadership session! By Zlatica Kraljevic on June 23, 2013 Format: Paperback Verified Purchase This is an absolutely delightful book. Displaying his extensive leadership experience, Sloan creates an intimate dialogue with the reader giving you the impression that it is just you and him discussing your leadership plan in an informal and relaxed setting. Loaded with good advice, this book is a great find and a great gift. I highly recommend it for young and not so young professionals seeking to develop or fine tune their leadership skills. 5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Primer on Leadership By Bruce M. Anderson on May 16, 2013 Format: Paperback Sloan brings to the book years as a senior executive and teacher of leadership. He uses a research approach to his topic and does not give banalities and platitudes. I would recommend this book to newly appointed leaders, those with big challenges and those who want to have a transformational impact on their organization. There are lots of books on leadership. This is a particularly good one.

The Uncommon Commodity: The Common Sense Guide for New Managers

By Doug Thorpe

A common sense guide for new, first time managers, helping you understand the transition from being a doer at work to a leader of your team; written from first hand experiences offered by author, banker, and entrepreneur, Doug Thorpe. This is a collection of practical principles, ideas, tips, and life hacks to help new managers thrive.


STRIVE – For Job Search Success

By Doug Thorpe

Written from first-hand experience organizing and operating a highly successful non-profit, Doug brings you the powerful and proven 6 step process for building a perfect job search strategy. Click on the book image to purchase at Amazon.