Silver Fox Advisors works with small business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs to help objectively solve problems. Drawing from extensive experience, a Silver Fox mentor or advisor provides keen insight to help business leaders solve daily business challenges, make key decisions, and follow through with strategic planning, plan execution, and policy/procedure documentation for the business.

  • Mentoring Process is a long-term answer to common business problems.
  • Provide solutions for cash and people management, planning, organization, and control procedures.
  • Professional services offered to clients will result in improved management skills.
  • Real, bottom-line impact is achieved to help the business grow profitably.
  • Silver Fox Advisors have nothing to sell except their expertise and experience.

Each case study cited below follows the same format:

  • The Client COMPANY is described.
  • The PROBLEM ENCOUNTERED is identified.
  • CONCLUSIONS are provided.


Entrepreneurs-Agents of Renewal

Small business has a significant role in the economy. Owners and entrepreneurs create jobs, provide goods and services, and serve special niches that help round out our economic vitality. The health and well-being of small businesses is a critical element of our culture.

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COVID Fatigue is Real!

The United States is in a high state of uncertainty where the future is concerned. We’re a nation that wants our news, meals, and money right now. Once a big event happens, we are all consumed with Twitter, Facebook, and news outlets for a few days or even weeks. And then we move on.

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Electrical manufacturing

Case Study: Manufacturer Reaches $10.0 Million Revenue Objective

COMPANY The Company is a five million dollar Houston-based manufacturer of toroidal transformers for specialized electrical equipment applications. Their markets are medical, telecommunications, audio-video, computer and lighting industries (300 customers). The higher price ($85 average) and manufacturing complexity of toroidal transformers dictated that the Company work with their OEM customers in the custom design and manufacture of these components. The

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Case Study: The Business Start That Didn’t

Advice from an experienced Silver Fox Advisor concerning what not to do is as valuable as guidance and suggestions on what should be done!! COMPANY START-UP Four people who knew each other well (a saleswoman, a commercial artist, a copywriter, and a physical fitness instructor) shared a common interest in their own physical fitness. They wanted to capitalize

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Manufacturing & Costs

COMPANY A well-known Company in enamel-on-steel cookware was the first to bring color, tempered glass lids, stay cool stainless steel handles and high quality non-stick em1 to the market. Their customers include quality retailers and mail-orders who require dependable, timely shipments and service. The assembly and warehousing of the Company’s cookware line is accomplished in their 40,000 square foot

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Commercial Interiors

Commercial Interior Build-Out Business

COMPANY A Silver Fox Advisor had been mentoring for about a year. The new Client was in the commercial interior build-out business.  PROBLEM ENCOUNTERED For three years, the Company: Had been stuck on about $7 million in annual sales with profits diminishing each year,  Had a good reputation, good people, good potential and good sales contacts,  Needed

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