CEO Education Series – A Business Plan . . . Your Guide to Success

Owning a business is work. But to what end?

As Stephen R. Covey famously said, “we must begin with the end in mind.”

Having a business plan can get you to that proper end result. Now is all planning perfect? Likely not. But if you want to grow and manage your business with a good outcome, you have to have a plan; a business plan.

Join us on April 13 as four of our Silver Fox Advisors share their experiences and views on drawing up the right business plan. It’s not as hard or daunting as you might think.

We’re sharing tips, hacks, and ideas for getting a good business plan in place.

Live webinar, Tuesday April 13th at 10:30 AM CT/ 11:30 AM ET

The panelists are:

Dick Hendee, Bill Herman, Herb Kalman, and Gary Henderson

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