Meet Silver Fox Advisor

Clint Kripki

Clint Kripki – Energy Procurement specialist and Ziglar Coach

In addition to being a Silver Fox Advisor, Clint is VP of Sales at Albireo Energy.  His day-to-day involves procuring electricity and natural gas for companies in deregulated energy markets (e.g. TX, NJ, NY, MA, PA, IL, and OH are the main ones).  Clint provides clients and partners with in-depth analysis and advice on the retail electricity and natural gas markets that enable them to focus on budget certainty, cost, and risk management.

Albireo’s clients include large real estate portfolios, manufacturing, multi-premise facilities, schools, and a full range of commercial businesses.

Clint’s Ziglar training and coaching bridges the gap to come alongside Leaders who face disruption in their organization and want to develop a goal-setting and accountability model to enable both themselves and their teams to grow both professionally and personally.

Clint can be contacted at

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