Rainee Busby

Ideal Client:

  • Privately held and family owned small/medium businesses, non-profit organizations
  • 10-250 employees; $2MM to $200MM
  • Entrepreneurial leadership teams that are open minded; respectful; appreciative, growth oriented; frustrated; want help; willing to be open, honest and vulnerable
  • Owner desires to exit day to day operations and/or increase valuation in preparation for sale or transition
  • Serving Texas and Southeast US, consider other domestic and international locations
Rainee Busby 4

Areas of Expertise:

  • Seasoned entrepreneur with extensive industry experience
  • Operational excellence practitioner – achieve sustainable results
  • Leadership team facilitation, coaching and training
  • Business operating system implementation
  • Certified EOS© (Entrepreneurial Operating System©) Implementer

Rainee is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur who has spent her career working with businesses and organizations of various sizes—and across many industries—to achieve and sustain operational excellence. She brings unique, innovative solutions to her clients while leveraging her expertise in business management, operations, systems, and people strategy. She also leverages a powerful, yet simple, business management system called EOS which builds a solid foundation necessary to grow a successful business. Her expertise combined with EOS is a game-changer for her fast-growing clients.

Prior to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Rainee held successive leadership positions in the software, consulting, healthcare, banking, transportation, energy, and manufacturing industries. Her experience ranges from sparking operational excellence within a large, $13-billion turnaround initiative to small, innovative start-ups. She started her career as a software engineer and quickly moved into leading teams of people and improving business efficiency through process reengineering, software, and systems.

Her passion for leadership and the opportunity to develop great employees has always been her guiding principle. As an operational excellence practitioner, she consistently emphasizes that a business is only as good as its people. Her leadership skills have proved invaluable while working with companies to create human capital practices and people strategy plans. Throughout her career, Rainee has affirmed her belief that the best and most successful companies have people-focused leaders as well as engaged, passionate employees from top to bottom.

After several years of focusing on people strategy and execution, Rainee realized that many businesses were missing the key elements necessary to support the people-related programs and practices she developed for them. They were lacking a clear vision and the execution skills necessary to achieve operational efficiency through discipline, accountability, and metrics—all critical elements to operating any successful business. Her experience and expertise, combined with the power of EOS, have enabled her to earn many “raving fan” clients.

Rainee is extremely passionate about working with privately held, small to medium-sized, fast-growing businesses that are ready to take it to the next level and achieve true, sustainable operational excellence. She is blessed to get the chance to change people’s lives while doing what she loves. Rainee’s focus and belief is that when you transform businesses, you are really changing the lives of owners, leaders, and employees, empowering them to directly enhance their families, relationships, and the communities in which they live.