How We Serve Your Business

Find Access to Peers and Advisors for Guidance

Our Services

CEO Roundtable Program

Who Is This For?

  • Owners and CEOs of privately-owned companies.
  • Opportunity to interact monthly with Roundtable Peers.
  • Discuss challenges and celebrate successes.
  • Receive constructive feedback on strategic and tactical plans.

How Does It Work?

  • Meet monthly with other business leaders.
  • Each table has at least one Silver Fox Advisor.
  • Confidential platform for discussion of real business changes.
  • Community service (pro bono) for each Silver Fox Advisor.

Advisory Board*

advisory board

Who Is This For?

  • Business leaders who need one-time engagement or ongoing business support.
  • Receive guidance from accomplished experts that offer innovative advice and dynamic perspectives.
  • Business owners benefit from strategic direction, quality improvement, and an assessment of program effectiveness.

How Does It Work?

  • Meet monthly or quarterly with Silver Fox Advisors.
  • Guided process to deliver one-time or ongoing support.
  • Access to diverse industry and functional expertise.

*Fee based service

Fox Den

(Special One-Time Advisory Board)

Need Strategic Support?

  • Gain access to a diverse panel of business experts from within our Membership.
  • Receive assistance selecting and planning for the most viable solution.
  • See real results in real-world application. 

What You Receive

  • One-time meeting with a panel of advisors.
  • Guided prep process.
  • Pro bono (community service) from the advisor.
  • Advisor available to be engaged as a guide through execution.

CEO Education

Our Educational Tools

  • Lunch and Learn program with numerous networking opportunities.
  • CEO Educational Series addresses pillars of business prosperity.
  • Our Personal Purpose Process offers personal freedom, self-empowerment, and meaningful fulfillment.
  • Sponsorship Opportunity to deliver your message to Houston business community. 

What You Gain

  • Networking access to Houston business and community leaders.
  • Deeper understanding of how to achieve business growth.
  • Powerful change in how you lead your business and inspire others.
  • Access to captive and engaged audience seeking solutions you may be able to offer.