Silver Fox Advisors Announces A. Butch Madrazo Award Winner

ibrahim saleh

Ibrahim Saleh

HOUSTON, TX (December 13, 2022) – Silver Fox Advisors’ President Joseph Tung announced today the winner of the A. “Butch” Madrazo Award. The A. “Butch” Madrazo Award is given to a Silver Fox Advisor who best exemplifies the attributes Butch demonstrated every day. Butch Madrazo was a Silver Fox Advisor from the mid-1990s until his death in August 2020.  Butch was always welcoming, especially in counseling new members. He brought a certain light-heartedness to any room he was in.  The attitude he projected when providing support made everyone feel resilient and always put a smile on every face.  The inscription on the award reads “Awarded in recognition of fellowship among, engagement with, and commitment to fellow members.” Butch was a true friend and outstanding colleague.

The third annual award was issued to Ibrahim Saleh for his outstanding service to the Silver Fox Advisors. Ibrahim is the founder and owner of the TaQtics Consulting Group. He also serves as Chairman of the CEO Roundtable Committee for Silver Fox Advisors.  

Silver Fox Advisors are proven business executives and leaders who advise, coach, consult, and mentor business owners in the Greater Houston area. In addition, the organization sponsors and advises CEO Roundtables and hosts and conducts entrepreneurship programs.Silver Fox Advisors have been sharing their knowledge, experience, skills and wisdom since 1986. For more information visit:

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