CEO Roundtable Case Study

I am the owner and agent for an insurance agency. Our business started back in 1984. And we joined the roundtable in 2015.

The Silver Fox Advisors Roundtable helps in numerous ways. One is being able to talk with others who are also running a business, who know and understand what you are going through and can offer advice or help you with running your business. Another is finding out that you are doing things correctly. Running a business without any feedback leads to a lot of second-guessing yourself. And this can eliminate some trial and error.

Another is, you can bounce ideas off each other, this gives you more knowledge of what you are contemplating, and different perspectives than if you had just gone ahead and moved forward. And when other business owners are talking, the feedback and communication between the group is shared and knowledge is parted from others providing another way to learn and grow your knowledge of running a business.

If you’re facing a hard decision or a major problem, this is the group you can share your problem with and get some help or strategy with dealing with the issue.

By coming to the monthly meetings, I hold myself accountable and make a commitment within the group to be working on and to improve and move my business forward. By doing this, I am also asking the others to participate and make the effort within their business. And in doing so, you are helping them and are giving as much as receiving.

I have recommended the Silver Fox Advisors Roundtable to others.

Thank you,

John C Keenan


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