These are indeed challenging times to get employees back to work, and hire new employees that meet your needs. Employee Benefit Programs have taken on a new importance! Silver Fox Advisor Rand Wall has three masters level degrees (Chartered Life Underwriter, Chartered Financial Consultant and Registered Health Underwriter) in the insurance and financial management arena and is ready to help you put an Employee Benefit Program in place that benefits both your employees and your business. Whether you already have an Employee Benefit Program that maybe needs an update or you would like to offer a new Employee Benefit Program, trust Rand to guide you through the programs that are available, at surprisingly affordable prices.

Did you know that there are methods and programs available to you as an employer that can bring down the cost of group health insurance, but still provide high value? Certain corporations are eligible to join a group captive, which means they can join together with like-minded businesses that also want to encourage employee wellness, to bring down the costs for health insurance. We can assist you with creating a pool of healthy individuals to lower overall health claims.

I have also learned to emphasize the value of good Long Term Disability Insurance that will encourage good employees to stay with you. Not every employer thinks to offer coverage for the most important risk to their valuable employees, their ability to work and earn a paycheck.

At Cadence Insurance we utilize voluntary plans, such as voluntary life and dental insurance, to help employees manage risks for less money than they could otherwise do for themselves.

All of this combined with an enrollment and benefit management program free of charge with our Zywave process, that is “State of the Art” in the insurance industry!

In today’s environment of uncertainty and rapid change thinking outside the box can propel you and your business to be a leader. Do you want to be a follower, an also ran or a leader? If you said leader call me, Rand Wall, CLU, ChFC, RHU, today at

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